Put up custom solutions for every client, no matter the size. We utilize best industry practices, posses hands on experience on up-to-date technologies.
Research, choose and advise customer on vendors, products and tools.
Create, deploy and support any solution under most existing compliance requirements.

DEEPCITY::Professional Services

Full specter in house, outsourced and on-site IT services:

  1. Business and IT Management Consulting
  2. System and Solution Architecture
  3. Networking, Storage, Virtualisation
  4. Desktop support

We are partners with Microsoft, Cisco, Acronis, Vology, ColoGuard
Outsource application and web development (#android, #php, #java, #.net, e.t.c.)

DEEPCITY:Private Cloud

In house 100% owned private cloud:

  1. Virtual Offices
  2. Remote Access
  3. Application streaming
  4. Fully secured using best industry standards compliant with most existing requirements