alexsmirnovAlex Smirnov
President and the CEO

Started Heaven ENT Networks in 2000, registered DeepCity, Inc in 2009. 20 years of professional experience on two continents and UK. Deep Hands-On Experience guide through business paths. Eager. Full of energy. Leader, adventurer, parent.
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agabsEdward Agabs
Director of Operations

Influential executive with strong proficiency in leading the finance function for a complex enterprise in the securities, trading, brokerage, and asset management businesses. Partner closely with Chief Executive Officer and Board-level management teams to drive robust and sustainable business performance.
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joeruizJoe Ruiz
Director of Customer Care

Have various technical experiences from lead desktop support, Sr. Systems Administrator, and project management. I have worked in 2 regional Data Centers for different companies and this has helped me grow as a skilled professional.
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sergeynesterenkoSergey Nesterenko
Head of Engineering

Coming from media world, Sergey used to operate in a fast changing environment. Very savvy with any hardware there exist or will exist in the future.
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vasilysukhanovVasily Sukhanov
Head of Quality Assurance

Software QA Engineer and Business Support Professional with strong attitude for meeting demanding deadlines and delivering critical solutions on various levels of SDLC. Strong experience in testing Client/Server, Web and Mobile environments including different types of testing such as Functional, Integration, UI, Regression, Localization, Usability. Working experience in extreme Agile environment. “Problem solver” attitude with communication and presentation skills that enable interaction with both technical and non-technical customers
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lena_lonskayaElena Lonskaya
Head of outsourcing department.

Expertise in Ruby, Perl, Node.Js, iOS, Android, Java, .NET and PHP software development. Ready to provide services in Automation of Business Processes (CRM/ERP), Business Analytics, Custom Software Development, Mobile Development, e-Commerce, IoT, 2/3D Design Visualization, Design Modeling and much more.
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alena_kAlena K
Online Marketing and Public relations

Smart, dedicated and very charismatic. Will make every conversation interesting. Great in listening and delivering any message to any audience. Professional in public relations and today’s modern media tools.
Bachelor’s Degree from Lomonosov State University (MSU) in Journalism
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