About::Remote WorkSpace

Since 2009 DeepCity presents its Desktop services. We build managed infrastructures to provision Windows or Linux desktops (WorkSpaces) in compliant manner to give small to mid-size companies an opportunity to rise the bar to Enterprise level. Business focus on what they do best within their industry. DeepCity make sure that workspace is accessible from anywhere with internet connection. VDI and full Dedicated Virtual Servers are customized to fulfill requirements of customers.

We provide support on various applications and user management as well.

Simple deliveryCost effective
Pre-Set Virtual desktop images, personalized images or terminal serverNo powerful hardware required to access the system.
Work from Anywhere philosophy allow to save on office real estate
Security and ComplianceManaged and supported
Private network, encryption, personalized firewall, traffic analyzers, backups and business continuity. DeepCity provide’s full support based on agreement to infrastructure and tools.
– We are Microsoft Partner